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THE BUCKEYE HALF MARATHON & 2 PERSON RELAY - Results, Photos, Survey, Special New Year's Eve Offer


AWESOME JOB BUCKEYE HALF MARATHON & 2 PERSON RELAY RUNNERS!   Thanks so much for participating in this year's races!  Here are some post race "goodies" for you to enjoy...heck you earned them!


Still may need a few tweeks!  Give a shout if you find something that is "tweekable".  Click Here to report a tweek request!   Please note if you and your fast feet got an age group top 3 or an overall top 5 award and you did not pick it up on race day they can still be had.  All you need to do is to travel to Ritchies Sporting Goods, 137 South Avenue in beautiful? Tallmadge between now and Thanksgiving, visit the front counter, tell them how fast you are and they will hook you up!

Half Overall Results

Half Age Group Results

2 Person Relay Results

Thank you to Ritchies Sporting Goods For Sponsorship of This Year's Buckeye!

SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Runner Survey/Feedback

Yep, just like the big boy 15,000 runner races we have a survey too!  Please help us get better..tell us the good, the not so good... and the uh..well not pretty?  It's short and sweet and it really really helps us do better for you next time!  Thanks!

Take The 2015 Buckeye Half Marathon Runner Experience Survey

FREE! FREE! FREE! Buckeye Half Marathon Pictures....  Free....really?  Yep...

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.   And he brought you some pictures from the Buckeye Half Marathon.  We took a bunch of pictures....before the race, at the start line, during the race and at the finish.   Hopefully, as you look through them you will see someone that you know...namely YOU!  If you do find you....here is the deal...if you would like the high resolution version of your picture we will email it to you FREE of charge. (Let's see the big boy races GIVE YOU FREE PICTURES!  HA!)  However it does take a little "homework" to get them.  While divided into logical albums you will have to hunt for you or your friends and family!   What you see on the web page are smaller file sizes for easy web viewing and consequently would not print well.  Sooooo....here is what to do if you want the files sent to you that are suitable for printing.   When you first get to the album page from the links below, they are "thumbnails"....left click on any picture and shazaam..it gets bigger...left click in the picture and it advances to the next one...when you find awesome you...then right click that picture and select "Save Picture As"....notice it gives you an image number.   Write down that number and send it to me (us)...we will then find the original awesome photo, crop it and email it to you.   While we took lots and lots of pictures there is a chance that we didn't catch you...BUMMER!    Anyhow here are the albums and happy hunting!   Oh, almost forgot--send those email requests for original files to dcooper185@gmail.com    There are presently 5 Album pages of pictures...I will be adding more in a couple of days...ENJOY!  BTW...We are amateurs and this is the very first time we tried this...sooo--some pics are great...others you can tell we are amatuers..but we will get better! 

2015 SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Photo Album #1  Check In - Pre Race

2015 SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Photo Album #2  Start Line - The Start

2015 SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Photo Album #3  On The Course

2015 SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Photo Album #4  Finish Line - Part 1

2015 SARC Buckeye Half Marathon Photo Album #5  Finish Line - Part 2


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